I, Dale Anne Potter, grew up knowing I was an artist but afraid to show it to the world. I kept it all inside and private. One day, I joined an online Art group and slowly started feeling comfortable with people seeing my work. 

ART has been my therapy. Through cancer, deaths of close family members, bankruptcy, etc. I could always count on my Art Journal to give me the strength to smile each day.

Is this something you have in your life?

I grew in confidence and started teaching workshops. I started sharing how embracing Positivity has changed my life and allowed many manifestations for me to experience. i.e. Diva for a Day on CBC Saskatchewan TV, 5 day trip to Madrid, Spain, Meet & Greet with my favourite singer – Johnny Reid, trip to 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede, Meet & Greet with Oprah and a free vehicle.

I slowly started mentoring others, and then coaching became my focus. I use Positivity as the basis for all my coaching programs, getting to that state allows abundance in Creativity and everything else into our lives.

I live a small town in SW Saskatchewan where I can be found taking photos while laying on the ground or sitting on the ground or traipsing across a snow drifted field to get the right photo.

I am inspired everyday by the world around me — nature, its textures, rhythms and colours, the materials at hand, fabrics, paper, found objects, and the movement of life — provides me with the ideas and enthusiasm to create new work. I quilt, paint, journal, stamp, collage, doodle, CREATE!

I enjoy Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide!

My passion is to show people that when they continually work on seeing the POSITIVE in their lives, more POSITIVE comes to them in abundance. If this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, I would be happy to talk to you about it. You can find more details HERE.


Featured on Creative Living with JamieWoman raising her hands at sunrise