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Personal Retreat

Not the usual kind of “Personal Retreat” but its what I am calling it!

Yesterday – April 27, 2015, after 3 weeks in the Swift Current Hospital, I was discharged!  My pillow and bed never felt so good last night!!!

I had wanted to go on a “Personal Retreat” for ages, but not this kind of retreat but it still allowed me to do the same things I would have done on a regular personal retreat – thinking of the future, making plans, writing, lots of doing nothing but just sleeping & enjoying the extremely GREAT care at the hospital.

I started this post thinking I would write out a long one, but then thought I could tell you better in a video.  Below is a video I did this morning explaining things. If you are unable to view the embedded video below, you can go HERE.

Sleep and Journaling!

Can’t sleep because there are too many things going around in your head….

In our busy lives, there are many things in our brains all day, everyday. Its a wonder anyone gets any sleep. Seriously!Journaling

I know that the idea of journaling scares people or people think “How is Journaling going to help me sleep?”

It does!

I used to toss and turn trying to get to sleep, as my brain was too full of stuff from the day, the week or things I need to do tomorrow….even worry.

I started with just a cheap composition book from the dollar store and before I went to bed, I would just write everything that came to mind. It didn’t have to make sense and no worries about correct spelling or punctuation. No one has to see it (you can burn it after if you want).

Then, I discovered “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron who is all about “Morning Pages” – 3 full pages of long hand writing (I use a spiral notebooks that I stock up on during school supplies sale season, they are 8.5 X 11). In those 3 pages, I wrote my heart out – anger, worry, depression, you name it, they were full of it and sometimes, the same story everyday for a week. Eventually, I started to see some positives come into the pages….

That is when I started reading about Law of Attraction (Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.) and those nasty beginning pages were burnt & never to be seen again. 

These days, the Morning Pages are my first thoughts of the day – sometimes its about what I have to do today, who I have to make sure to call or email, etc. but usually, its how I am feeling.

If you are new to Journaling, start with before bed – clear that brain of yours. Write everything that comes to mind and if it takes an hour, so be it. Fill up as many pages as you need to clear that brain of yours…..

Once, you are finished Journaling, think of the positives in your life right now and how they make you feel…..close your eyes and think of those.

See you in the morning after a restful sleep!

The photo above is from my Art Journal, which I also use for journaling my thoughts.


Sometimes, we just have to start at the Beginning!

Taking time away from my business has been good and bad. Not only did I need to change up things in our everyday life, but I needed to step aside for awhile to re-assess where I wanted to go, and what that all involves, in beginning again.

In keeping somewhat in the creative mode, I have been clearing more clutter in my studio. Those things that I have had for years and still havBeginnings1e not done anything with them and assessing if I ever will.  There is always a place to get more stuff!

While clearing, I have found some pieces that I had started and forgotten about. Some will never amount to anything, so I am glueing them into a sketchbook and making notes (trying to remember how they were made), etc.

This piece on the right, was going to be a fabric postcard and I remember having to wait days for the glossy accents to dry, so it was placed on a shelf and forgotten. Even with the threaded needle, I have no recollection as to what I was going to do next. It might have to percolate for a bit more – its now pinned to my design wall.

BeginningsThis piece on the left, is one I am going to take outside on the front porch this week and do some hand-stitching. Its been so long since I did some hand-stitching my hands will need to take it slow. The fabric was a paint/dye drop cloth or used to wipe up drips, and I used Derwent Inktense pencils to colour the crocus on, then machine stitched around it. I am thinking this might turn into a little framed piece.

Taking a step back is brave enough, but to start again is sometimes overwhelming. I like to go back to the Beginnings, whether that is just painting, drawing, quilting or glueing collage. With no intention on the outcome, but it gets those creative juices flowing again. I make sure to have a journal/notebook beside me to make notes of the things that pop into my head while I am just playing.

Beginnings are a reminder of where you once were and where you can go for ease of beginning again!

Do you need to go back to your Beginnings?

Where can you go to begin again?

Faith & Persistence

As Creative Entrepreneurs, we sometimes come up against a wall….

How do we deal with that and have “Faith & Persistence” to carry on?

If you are like me, you have ancestors who had the “Faith & Persistence” in WenzelFamilymoving from their homeland, coming to North America with little belongings and build new lives here.

When I look through some of the old photos we have of our ancestors, how they endeared the hardships can be totally inspiring. Living in a sod house during -40C temperatures or in what they called the “Dirty Thirties” where nothing would grow because of the drought. Man, if that doesn’t inspire you – nothing will!

Sometimes, its overwhelming when you thought you had everything going smoothly and WHAM, something derails you.  It happens to many and you can not be disappointed in yourself.


When those times show up, its the perfect time to journal (or start journaling if you don’t already journal) and see what shows up in that journaling. Its also a good time to spend more time on Creative Dates with yourself and learning more about what is deep inside, that has you thinking you are unable to continue.


Maybe someone has planted some doubt, or you have been beating yourself up yourself. STOP IT!

We each have a story to tell in this world, and we NEED your story to be out there!

You have survived experiences or been creating for many years, that is worthwhile to others starting out. 


Start building up the “Faith & Persistence” you need to push through, its worth it!

So many come up to that wall and step back, never to be seen or heard of again. That is so sad, as I said before, we need everyone to tell their story – that’s why we are here.

Some steps to start you on the path to the other side:

  • Write down your dreams/goals for yourself for the next 5 years.
  • Write what excites you about each of those. 
  • How would it FEEL to have those dreams/goals accomplished.
  • Which is the dream/goal you would like to accomplish this year.
  • Start a worksheet with the steps (make them do-able) to start today.
  • See the end and work back to present, each step needs to be do-able.

If you would like more tips, techniques, systems and weekly encouragement, I can be of service – more details HERE.

Have the FAITH & PERSISTENCE to pursue YOUR DREAMS – YOU are worth it!

3 Reasons for Starting a Business.

Are the C.E.O. of your own business?

Or are you wanting to be?


I have had several businesses over the years and I also, have worked for several small to large businesses.

BusinessCardsThe more I learnt about business and marketing, the more I felt the need to be my own boss and start my own business.


MY 3 Reasons for Starting a Business are:

  • I have the flexibility to schedule MY OWN hours, so I could work from 10 am to 6 pm if I wanted to. Or I could work 3 hours in the morning and divide the rest of the day into business, studio and family time. I, also, have the opportunity to schedule Self-Care and Creative Date appointments in the middle of the day.
  • I have the opportunity to create systems, workshops and programs that work for ME!
  • I have the JOY of connecting with students, customers and clients around the world who inspire me to create more and do more of what I LOVE – my Passion and Purpose: Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide!

I’d LOVE to hear Your 3 Reasons for starting your business or are thinking of starting your business.

If you would like some help with starting your business or creating systems for your existing business, we could work together on those…..