YES, I still LOVE reading blogs!

I have all kinds of blogs on my feed – business, crafts, quilting, scrapbooking, etc. Bloglovin

I tried numerous options after Google Reader decided to stop their service and am happy with Bloglovin.‘ You can read either on your computer or use their app for iPhone or iPad (might also be available for andriod, not sure as I don’t use those).

Blogs are not only inspiration but they allow me to see the trends out in the internet.

I know many use Pinterest for that, I like reading the blogs and always have since I began blogging back in 2004. There are people I have followed on their blogs for 10 years – I’ve seen their children grow up before my eyes, seen them through many phases of their lives, their art careers, etc.I follow many of the same on Social Media, but its their blogs that I get the most joy from.

Reading why they picked that colour or the story behind that photograph they took. When I have more than a few minutes, I will comment, but on Bloglovin, I’m able to like and maybe go back later to comment.

Commenting on blogs is how I have come to know those people more….(hint, hint).

There are some people who think blogging is dead – I highly disagree. Blogging is where the “Rest of the Story” is (to quote Paul Harvey, old radio personality). Photos on instagram doesn’t tell the whole story….

If you see someone online anywhere on the internet, check to see if they have a blog – visit, subscribe to their feed and get to know them!

Wordless Wednesday

2014 tiger lily


Journaling through those STUCK times….

No matter who you are, there is a point where something is like a burr in your bonnet and you can’t seem to get rid of it. I call that being STUCK!

No matter what the burr is, ignoring it just causes that burr to grow and become abscessed (hurt more)!

That is where journaling is a great tool.

Journaling – whether just writing or using my Art Journal, helps to get the words out of my head and the answers or solutions seem to appear.

STUCKJournalThe past 2 weeks, I have been using my journal to accept the changes that have to happen for me.

One of the pages from this past week, that surprised me with answers – because they were vintage book text from several different pages.

I used those words, as starting point and found the answers I needed. 

When I use vintage book text – Sometimes, its just a word or a whole sentence.

This journal page is actually in a European Fashion Magazine that I had picked up when I was in Spain. Its  6 X 9 inches – prefect size for an art journal.

Journaling to me, is a useful tool for Finding the Real YOU!

You can journal whatever you like.

You don’t have to show anyone and if you surprise yourself with your words, then down the road would like to avoid someone seeing it all, you can paint over or burn them.

Journaling can be a FACT Finding mission!!!

I encourage you to pull out a journal and use vintage book text this week to see what kind of answers show up for YOU!!!

Your Dream!

How long have YOU been thinking about that dream of YOURS?

There is a saying (which I can’t find exactly the wording or who wrote it) that I interpret as:

We are only given DREAMS that we are meant to grow into!

From experience, those dreams are often set aside because of other things happening in our lives. They are still always there waiting and that time eventually comes and its NEVER too late to begin working on them!

Maybe, YOU, have several dreams you’d like to accomplish….write them all down. How many are there?

Which one excites YOU the most when you think of it accomplished? Circle that one.

How long have you been dreaming about this?DreamCard4

Now, get real, and write down what is stopping you from accomplishing that dream. Fear, money, time or what? Really get down to the nitty gritty of what is stopping you from accomplishing it.

Is it just YOU stopping yourself? WHY?

If that dream was real and LIVE right now, who would not like it?

What AWESOMENESS would come from that dream being real and LIVE right now?

What do YOU think is the first step in going forward with this dream?

Whose support do you need?

What would you have to give up in order to go forward?

These are all questions you need to answer truthfully for yourself.

Once you have answered them all, I’d LOVE to help you set out a timeline going forward with your dreams. You can read more details on how I could be service HERE. Email when you are ready to take action!

Wordless Wednesday