Does your home showcase your favourite colours?

Favourite colours make us Happy!

Each of us, has favourite colours…..! I love them all.  I, am drawn to a few favourites from time to time and sometimes they match the Pantone Color of the Year.

I have always LOVED jewel tones – they are even in my wardrobe. But, until I was asked this question by my coach:

Describe your home. What special details make it personal – colours, furniture, room arrangement, etc.

I hadn’t thought about colours around me in my home. I know crazy right!?

That had me thinking mostly about the colours in our house. I like the living room colour, its like Pantone 16-1334, because it allows the jewel tones to show up more. 

Does your home showcase your favourite colours?

When I was working on my Colour Journal a few years ago, I remember looking up the meaning behind “Brown” which is what family our living room is painted.

The color brown is a friendly yet serious, down-to-earth color that relates to security, protection, comfort and material wealth.Colour Journal

That is exactly the feeling I get from our living room colour. 

One of the websites, where you can find the meanings of colours HERE.

I pulled out my Colour Journal in my recent “No MoJo” mood. I enjoyed flipping through what I have in there already – paint chips showing primaries, secondaries, tints, shades, tones, split complementaries, tetradic, complementaries, analogous and then, I have magazine clippings showing colour combinations I like, some of my personal photos showing awesome colours, etc.

I hadn’t thought of my home and my favourite colours much before…..I am thinking now of adding NEW artwork with my favourite colours, pillows, and accessories. My bedroom needs more of ME in there also!

So, you see how a Colour Journal or even just the question my coach posed to me could inspire creativity. I have hordes of ideas for pillows, art quilts, etc. now in my bullet journal to go to when I would like to start a new project.

Makes me happy whenever I flip in Colour Journal, so I can see why my coach asked that question.


Does YOUR Home showcase YOUR favourite colours?

Are YOU Ready for a Change?

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Notebook of Positive Change

Notebook of Positive Change

What do you do when there is no more MoJo?

It happens to us all….

FeatherYou are going along, creating like a mad person and then WHAM – it hits you! That “lost your Mojo” feeling….

What do I do when there is no more MoJo?

I sleep and read and sleep.

I listen to those times and don’t try to force myself to create when those times come. I take it as a sign that my body needs the rest.

Its a pain when your business is all about creating and people are counting on you.  I tried to work through it but it just got me deeper into the obyss. I hate it!

I have made a note of these times and it seems they happen almost annually – in August, so I will have to make a point to schedule in downtime each year. (Adding that to my planBeadsner right now!)

This year, though, it lasted longer than usual – I was starting to worry about it, and when Mercury Retrograde started – October 4th, I even thought of retiring.

Journaling didn’t seem to be bouncing me back as it usually did, so again, that made me start to wonder about things. In looking back over the past couple of months, I seemed to be allowing other things also crash my creativity.

I started scheduling more mediation times and more journaling – even it was just doodling.

Slowly, little things started getting me excited – like that Feather in the photo, its so tiny but was so powerful. Then, a trip to the local thrift store – where a huge bag of assorted beads for $2.50 got me even more excited. Both of those, brought me back from that place I thought was of no more creativity.

I am writing this to let you know, if you find you have lost your Mojo – maybe its time for you to consider: 

  • Some good ole rest.
  • Walks in nature.
  • Sleep.
  • Reading a book you thought you didn’t have time to read.
  • Doodling mindless doodles (you can toss them if you want after).
  • Visiting a local art supplies or craft store, just for window shopping or a local thrift store.

I am EXCITED to have re-found my MoJo and already a whole page of ideas have been written down for future projects, workshops or programs.

I’d LOVE to hear ” What do you do when there is no more MoJo?”

Do you ever just need to……

Journal for Journal sake!

As I write my morning pages each morning, a theme comes through and its usually something I am reminded to remember for the day….

Like Gratitude or Believe in Yourself or Smile or Breathe

Most days the art journal pages are message for ME.Gratitude

I sometimes share them on Instagram which also goes to Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr.

Some days its a quote that showed up in my morning pages or sitting right on my table waiting to be added to an Art Journal, or collage poetry from book text.

The quote on this Art Journal page:

If every tip of every hair on my head could speak, I still couldn’t say my gratitude…Rumi


I never know where each of my art journal pages will start or how they will end, they just become…..This art journal page is photographed before my personal journaling on the page.

I’d love to hear how your journal pages begin or how they become what they end up as.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in Canada, our Thanksgiving is October 13th.


Wishing YOU and YOUR family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be GRATEFUL for again this year.

HERE is a revisit to a Gratitude Journal I made from old CD folders.