Embracing the idea of change…

These past 6 months, around here, have given much “Food for thought”.

2015 is going to be a year of change, that is for sure! I still want all the things I have set out to accomplish, but I am seeing that I need to be more present in my everyday life, not working on my business as much…..so those goals/dreams are going to take alittle longer.

So, I have been trying to plan my 2015 accordingly – less work hours and what that all will mean for me. I still have to be CREATIVE! I am going to structure creative time everyday, but still try to meet the needs of the aging members of my family. 

Being open and transparent here…..

Mom is needing more and more attention plus thinking that the monthly shopping is too much for her anymore. Biff offered my services for that!

BiffBiff’s breathing issues will never be better, sometimes though, like lately they need medical attention.  As some of you know, he usually does all the cooking, washing dishes and some of the cleaning. More and more, I am seeing that there have been some short cuts being made in the cooking and washing dishes, plus NO cleaning whats so ever……

I am at the point where I can’t take it anymore, and have to get back to feeling comfortable in my own house….YES, I’ve been going along with blinders on I guess!

I am having issues with the videos I have been filming, the editing process is very slow with the latest update for iMovie. I step away and try to gather my thoughts on the future, and that is when I see the disaster in this house.

My last Coaching client call is next Tuesday, I have not contracted with any others for 2015, for now.  

I am committed to 3 new workshops/programs for the Positively Creative Community and will see how that all goes.

To keep me somewhat sane, I have been doing more Art Journaling and catching up on my version of Project Life – “52 You“.Week48LeftPageWk48RightPage

Mini Bottle Ornaments

These mini bottles have been shuffled from drawer to drawer in my studio.

Both were bought from the local dollar store, several years ago. Not sure, if they still sell them or not.

I decided to make them all into ornaments this year. MiniBottleOrnaments

The smaller bottles have a plastic stopper with a place for the hanging ribbon already, so I just added the baker’s twine.  I glued some red embroidery floss around the top.  Inside, I cut a piece of vintage music paper and rolled it, then put inside.

The larger bottles had the cork stoppers and the screw hanger thing, was what I had on hand….should have been smaller, but they worked.

Inside, I wrote secret messages and tied with the gold twine.  I was going to glue some lace around the top where the green & white ribbon was, but was distracted a couple weeks ago and just put them on the tree this way. 

You could fill with sand from your latest beach vacation, sequins or glitter for something different, or even make your own little snow globe type of scene.

Artwork Clearance – Part 2


All shipping is included in the price. I will ship International at the cheapest possible rate. The bigger pieces will be rolled into a long tube box, while others will be sent flat in specially selected boxes. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

 Textile Mixed Media Artwork – Art Quilts, various sizes.

All are machine pieced, machine quilted & hand signed (on reverse) by Dale Anne Potter. Some pieces are dated with name of the piece but all have been stored in a non-smoking, non-pet home. Each piece is priced separately. 

O Canada


This piece was inspired by the Vancouver Olympics – measures 16 X 20 inches. Originally priced at $350.00, available now for $200 (which includes shipping).


ColourPlayCOLOUR PLAY Measures 8.25 X 11 inches.  Originally priced at $100.00, available now for $50.00 

Weathered&WornPOTTERWEATHERED & WORN, But Not Forgotten.Measures 24 inches square. Originally priced at $400, available now for $250.00





Measures 8 X 11 inches. Originally priced at $90.00, now available for $50.00


Measures 8 X 10 inches. Originally priced at $90.00, now available for $50.00.


Measures 8 X 10 inches. Originally priced at $100.00, now available for $50.00.

Artwork Clearance – Part 1

Moving IN a different direction and would like these to be in new homes.

All shipping is included in the price. I will ship International at the cheapest possible rate.

Fabric Postcards are 4 X 6 inches, with space on the back for writing & sending in the mail.  All postcards are $20, please specify which postcard you are buying when making a payment.

Please Add Name of Postcard


Stain Glass fabric postcard



















Autumn #201

Autumn #201










Sashiko Postcard

Sashiko Postcard




Did YOU have a Life Changing moment?

A moment in life where everything totally changed.

A moment when you realize you have not really been “In the Moment“…..you’ve been taking things for granted and WHAM! You are suddenly pulled into the moment and start to realize exactly what life IS all about.

That moment for me, was late in July 1998, when I was told that I had Cervical Cancer, needed immediate surgery and then an assessment for radiation/chemo after that. WHAM! 

I could have broke down and thought all kinds of horrible thoughts, but right from the moment the oncologist spoke those words, I accepted my fate.

I had a job in the High Arctic that I loved and the independence (as I had purposely taken that job as I needed to feel my self-worth) and I took this “C” sign as even more growth on my part.MedicalBracelet

Never did I succumb to the “Why me” or “woe is me”…..I realized the Universe was trying to tell me something right from that moment of laying in bed after the surgery waiting for the doctor. When the doctor and nurses kept asking if I needed some psychology help, I asked why they thought that – they said “We’ve never seen someone accept the news like this.” Well, I couldn’t change things, it was already done so I had to accept what was put in front of me. I knew this was NOT the end of my story!

This was presented to me for a reason and through out the radiation and experimental chemo treatments for the next 12 weeks, I made myself aware of everything – my feelings, my energy, my commitment, my strength, my family, my friends, and my pet – Brittany, a black cocker spaniel kept me in the NOW! Feeling her commitment to being beside me the whole way allowed me to go deep inside to find that inner strength and she didn’t mind the drum music I liked to play (mainly Red Bull Drummers).

It was only on that last day of radiation, the 36 hours straight – that I felt like giving up!  Now, looking back, that was another leap on the ladder to inner strength and courage. Thankfully, Mom was the only one who saw me so low that day and before Biff could come in the room, I had already picked myself up!

I am writing this blog post today, as inspiration for YOU – if you have a life changing moment, that you think you can not see the end of that tunnel, please know I am here for you and take these words as comfort:

This time will be a distant memory and you will have grown so much from deep inside, you will have found new or deeper inner strength and courage. The Universe has plans for you and gave you this as a stepping stone…..