Art, what does it mean to you?

This morning, I woke up with my hand-carved large rose stamp on my mind and how ART impacts my life everyday.

I used to think, I don’t have time for something creative with life interfering, or a full day coaching or teaching and but that is EXACTLY when I need it in my life.  Its when it completes me and I feel alive!

These days, making something creative is the first thing I do in the mornings – YES, even before I eat breakfast or have my first coffee. Its what gets my day started. This is how I live and ART is part of my life!

This morning, I pulled out my hand-carved rose and my cheap watercolour palette. 


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Day 6 of 60 in 60

by Dale Anne Potter

Every flower has to unfold, to open – to show their true colours & beauty.

Last night, as I was waiting for the Lunar Eclipse, I was journaling and reading about people blossoming into their potential. (Didn’t make the eclipse, by the way – woke up & it was over). And, I remembered the napkin with the gorgeous poppy on it and thought that would make a great journal page for my Birthday Challenge.

I LOVE poppies and used to have some in our front flower bed, don’t know what happened but there were there only one year since we moved here.  I think I might have to plant some.

In my quote journal, I have this quote that I have always enjoyed reading it again and again:

“A new year is unfolding, like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within…unknown”



Each of us is like a flower, unfolding our beauty as we age. Some reveal their colours and beauty early while others take time to grow and blossom. No two flowers are the same as in humans!

ENJOY the process of blossoming and avoid being hard on yourself for taking time to grow.


Day 5 of 60 in 60

by Dale Anne Potter

Did YOU think it would be all butterflies & roses….

DAY 5 of #60in60 is a reminder to me about that little girl who KNEW it wouldn’t be all roses & butterflies. I knew even then, that it would take courage and believing in myself to get to where I am putting the final touches on the drawings for my new Art Studio. I look back and each step was to get me to where I am today – Strong, Positive, Confidient and Creative! The one thing that seemed to waver from time to time was the Believing in Myself – times when I’d listen to others, or authority figures would put in their two cents…. These days, I concentrate on how I FEEL about myself and the trust I give myself in each step I take. It has not been an easy journey but one I am willing to tell as I put the final pages together for my book : My Creative Road Map, a Path to True Happiness. Today’s artwork was about that little girl who KNEW and the window of opportunities that await her. Inside the door, the present ME. (its the only photo I had printed off & I was out of printer ink to do a current one).DAY5A#60in60 DAY5#60in60








OPEN THAT WINDOW OF DREAMS for yourself…..I am here to listen and help.


Day 4 of 60 in 60

Awareness of the beauty around YOU… Today, being Sunday, I take my time doing everything – enjoying the beauty of my Derwent Inktense pencils, my handmade journal, my handmade stencils, etc. I have for years, noticed the BEAUTY in Everyday and sometimes am seen taking photos of what others think are weird things or picking […]

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Day 3 of 60 in 60

Being 60 in 60 Days doesn’t mean to hold off or stop going for your DREAMS! This morning, I was reminded in my thoughts while writing my 3 long hand pages of Morning Pages, that my DREAM of the Art Studio is still possible.  So, in my special 60 in 60 journal I made a […]

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