Your Dream!

How long have YOU been thinking about that dream of YOURS?

There is a saying (which I can’t find exactly the wording or who wrote it) that I interpret as:

We are only given DREAMS that we are meant to grow into!

From experience, those dreams are often set aside because of other things happening in our lives. They are still always there waiting and that time eventually comes and its NEVER too late to begin working on them!

Maybe, YOU, have several dreams you’d like to accomplish….write them all down. How many are there?

Which one excites YOU the most when you think of it accomplished? Circle that one.

How long have you been dreaming about this?DreamCard4

Now, get real, and write down what is stopping you from accomplishing that dream. Fear, money, time or what? Really get down to the nitty gritty of what is stopping you from accomplishing it.

Is it just YOU stopping yourself? WHY?

If that dream was real and LIVE right now, who would not like it?

What AWESOMENESS would come from that dream being real and LIVE right now?

What do YOU think is the first step in going forward with this dream?

Whose support do you need?

What would you have to give up in order to go forward?

These are all questions you need to answer truthfully for yourself.

Once you have answered them all, I’d LOVE to help you set out a timeline going forward with your dreams. You can read more details on how I could be service HERE. Email when you are ready to take action!

Wordless Wednesday


Inspiration Around You

Are you aware of the Inspiration Around You?

I speak to many people every year, about where I get my Inspiration. My reply is and always has been – the world around me.

I have lived on the Canadian Prairies, most of my life and the Prairies talk to me more than the Rockies or the Great Lakes of our country.FARMHillPOTTER

I grew up on a farm where we could walk 1/2 mile to a hill in our cattle pasture and see for miles. We could hear the birds loud & clear, the neighbours speeding past on the main road, the cattle talking to each other, the gophers (if my Dad allowed any to survive) and the wind kissing our face.

It was heaven up there and I imagined our ancestors (on our Metis side) using that same place as a lookout point or camping there on their way to somewhere else. If we ever had a cow lost, we could go on that hill and try to see where she was hiding.

I have created many artworks inspired by the Prairies.




On The Prairie #2POTTER



The Canadian Prairies is my life and it inspires me everyday. From the cat tails in the sloughs, to the crumbling old barns, to the power lines stretched through the crops and

of course this:

Prairie LandscapeJuly2012


I do like old architecture, but I have to admit, it takes alot of thought and concentration to work with architecture. Whereas, the Prairie Landscape – the Inspiration Around Me, takes little effort and feels easy. 

If you are having a hard time being inspired, take your camera and sketchbook out to a hill around you.

Open YOUR EYES to the Inspiration Around YOU!!!

Friday Fabric

How a journal page evolves into a piece of fabric…

I titled this blog post – Friday Fabric, as I wanted to show you how an art journal page can evolve into something totally different, even a piece of fabric.

When I art journal, sometimes the page or journal spread inspires me to create something else, sometimes just another journal page, but sometimes more and more.

FridayFabricInspirationThis journal page for my #july31challenge in my Kraft Paper Journal began with gesso on the kraft paper, then sponging the colours of the flowers. Then, the lines with a black marker.

This inspired me to do alittle playing. I did a few sketchbook pages and then went to an 8 X 10 inch canvas.

FridayFabricInspiration1The canvas feels different, I think because the black lines are darker. I added a centre yellow flower just for fun. 

I want to try to sponge a piece of fabric, then use black fabric pens for the black…..but its still on my “to do” list for now.

I did, however, play with the image of the canvas over at Spoonflower. And, have ordered this FQ, had hoped it would be here by now for this Friday Fabric post, but alas it is not, so will make do with this screen shot.

FridayFabricInspiration2So, if you are creating art journal pages – are they inspiring you to use those same design ideas elsewhere?

Where will your Art Journal take you?



Do YOU celebrate those goals, and achievements in YOUR life? 

We are built to be encouraged and sometimes, those little goals and achievements we set for ourselves, though, they are not recognized as “Celebrat-able” (yes, new word I made up) by others – they are for us! So, then, the next act we should do for ourselves is to CELEBRATE those goals and achievements!!!

Celebrating Milestones causes us to move forward

and achieve even more goals and/or milestones. 

Celebrating Milestones, no matter how big or small, encourages YOU to succeed.

CelebrationBoxLast year, I turned this little chocolate box into my CELEBRATION box! It was not only FUN to decorate and make it look like something worthy of CELEBRATION, but it serves the purpose of reminding me to add those little notes in, for the year.CelebrationBox

You can read my decorating process for this Celebration Box HERE.

Our ego may be saying, that goal of 1000 You Tube subscribers or reaching 80,000 video views is nothing to celebrate, but IT IS! Its one small step towards your goal and a bigger dream. Each step needs to be celebrated.

That little box is quite noisy when I shake it these days, as I add cardstock notes in there, each a goal or achievement is reached (no matter how big or how small). 

Then, its a matter of CELEBRATION!  Buy yourself a special bottle of wine (you can share if you like or not). Or that higher priced spool of speciality thread – BUY IT!

That journal you think is GORGEOUS, but you feel not worthy – CELEBRATE by purchasing it for yourself!

Let your little Celebration Box explode by the end of the year!

What goals or achievements have you already reached this year, that you can immediately put into your CELEBRATION BOX?

Do YOU celebrate? I’d LOVE to hear how you do.