What do you do when there is no more MoJo?

It happens to us all….

FeatherYou are going along, creating like a mad person and then WHAM – it hits you! That “lost your Mojo” feeling….

What do I do when there is no more MoJo?

I sleep and read and sleep.

I listen to those times and don’t try to force myself to create when those times come. I take it as a sign that my body needs the rest.

Its a pain when your business is all about creating and people are counting on you.  I tried to work through it but it just got me deeper into the obyss. I hate it!

I have made a note of these times and it seems they happen almost annually – in August, so I will have to make a point to schedule in downtime each year. (Adding that to my planBeadsner right now!)

This year, though, it lasted longer than usual – I was starting to worry about it, and when Mercury Retrograde started – October 4th, I even thought of retiring.

Journaling didn’t seem to be bouncing me back as it usually did, so again, that made me start to wonder about things. In looking back over the past couple of months, I seemed to be allowing other things also crash my creativity.

I started scheduling more mediation times and more journaling – even it was just doodling.

Slowly, little things started getting me excited – like that Feather in the photo, its so tiny but was so powerful. Then, a trip to the local thrift store – where a huge bag of assorted beads for $2.50 got me even more excited. Both of those, brought me back from that place I thought was of no more creativity.

I am writing this to let you know, if you find you have lost your Mojo – maybe its time for you to consider: 

  • Some good ole rest.
  • Walks in nature.
  • Sleep.
  • Reading a book you thought you didn’t have time to read.
  • Doodling mindless doodles (you can toss them if you want after).
  • Visiting a local art supplies or craft store, just for window shopping or a local thrift store.

I am EXCITED to have re-found my MoJo and already a whole page of ideas have been written down for future projects, workshops or programs.

I’d LOVE to hear ” What do you do when there is no more MoJo?”

Do you ever just need to……

Journal for Journal sake!

As I write my morning pages each morning, a theme comes through and its usually something I am reminded to remember for the day….

Like Gratitude or Believe in Yourself or Smile or Breathe

Most days the art journal pages are message for ME.Gratitude

I sometimes share them on Instagram which also goes to Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr.

Some days its a quote that showed up in my morning pages or sitting right on my table waiting to be added to an Art Journal, or collage poetry from book text.

The quote on this Art Journal page:

If every tip of every hair on my head could speak, I still couldn’t say my gratitude…Rumi


I never know where each of my art journal pages will start or how they will end, they just become…..This art journal page is photographed before my personal journaling on the page.

I’d love to hear how your journal pages begin or how they become what they end up as.

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in Canada, our Thanksgiving is October 13th.


Wishing YOU and YOUR family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be GRATEFUL for again this year.

HERE is a revisit to a Gratitude Journal I made from old CD folders.

Designs into fabric

From Sketchbook, Art Journals to Fabrics

Today, I received the latest samples I ordered from Spoonflower of my fabric designs. 

Designs into FabricThe Sponged Flower design,  I posted the process HERE.

The Stain Glass design started as a sketch for a Fabric Postcard (you can see the finished postcard HERE).

The Monet Inspired was the background to an Art Journal spread & I have since filled it with personal journaling.

Even if you don’t order fabric samples, you can still upload some of your sketches or doodles or art journal backgrounds to see what happens when they are shown on the Spoonflower site. 

Go ahead Design your artwork into Fabrics!!!

Motivation & Cleaning…

To me, Motivation & Cleaning do not go together….LOL.

Last Tuesday, on my Facebook Page, I asked:

Have A ChairIf you could sit down for a cup of coffee, tea or water with me and ask me any question to enable you to be more positive, creative or for your business….what would it be? Ask away…

Debbie K. asked:

What is your motivation each day and how do you “keep home” going, like all the cleaning, the meal fixing, etc. etc.?

I will direct you to a couple of archived blog posts below about  the meal fixing, time management, etc. 

As far as cleaning……We (Biff, alias Brian, and I) have become easy on ourselves – its not spic and span and I’m pretty sure you would not be able to eat off the floor. If you are coming for a visit, give us plenty of warning, as I would have to pull out the vacuum, etc. Biff is unable to help with that anymore. I am working on Biff to allow me to hire a weekly housekeeper. 

The first blog post is HERE  about the cooking/meal preparations. Biff does most of the cooking and we have been doing OAMC (Once A Month Cooking) for 13 years now, so there is always something in the freezer to thaw, or heat up. 

The second blog post is HERE where I talk about managing my time to get more done in the studio.

Hope that answers the second part of your question Debbie….if not, ask more questions.

Ok, now to the first part of your question…. Motivation.

You may not be aware, I am a Cancer warrior – this month, its been 16 years and to me each day IS precious. 

I have to say, that waking up each day, is all the motivation I need anymore!

I begin each day with a smile to myself and deep gratitude for being able to open my eyes once more! I, then, pull my morning pages journal off the night stand to journal 3 full pages. Sometimes, while I am writing my morning pages, my quote for the day comes forward and that motivates me in my art journal pages, artwork, etc. during the day.

Motivation comes when I look at my goals for the year or month.

Motivation comes when I read or hear of women not knowing where to start on their path to their dreams, or have just emptied their home of the last graduated child and wonder “Now what”. I am motivated to start writing more blog posts about those feelings and how to turn them into motivation for themselves.

I am motivated just by being OPEN to the world around me!

I’d LOVE to hear what motivates you, feel free to comment below.