New Workshop – The Art of Stitch



Do YOU find yourself searching for ways to calm yourself after a stress filled day?

The Art of Stitch is a workshop that will slow you down. It will give you the meditative rhythm of hand-stitching to a calm that you will look forward to everyday. Whether its 10 minutes or 30 minutes, it will relieve you of those stresses.


This workshop, is not all about stitching. We will, also use journaling, to record those feelings of CALM, and JOY


This workshop will have 5 modules – each with at least one video and a pdf.

Each module will be uploaded onto this website, with a password each week and you will be able to view 24/7 indefinitely.

This workshop is $79.00 (Canadian) or FREE within the Positively Creative Community.

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If you are unable to view the embedded video below, you can see it HERE.

Wordless Wednesday


Make It Monday #8

Wrapping Recycled Items into Bracelets…

Make It Monday #8 Video Tutorial shows you how I used recycled items to make Fibre Wrapped Bracelets

I am unable to wear anything metal, so am always aware of possibilities to make my own jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, etc. This one almost didn’t come about – as I explain in the video.

Make It Monday #8 -Recycling

Make It Monday #8- FibreWrappedBracelet1

Are YOU aware of the possibilities that your recyling bin contains? 



If you are unable to view the embedded video below, you can go HERE.


Holiday Planner

The Countdown is on……

I have been planning this project  - Holiday Planner, for months, and kept saying I’ll do it in July….well, July is almost over. Dang – time flies!!!HolidayPlanner

The tabs in my Holiday Planner are:

  • Budget
  • Calendar Countdown
  • Card List
  • Decor
  • Gift Giving
  • Meal Planning
  • Traditions
  • Notes

You could add or delete any for yourself.  Do you have a Holiday Planner? What tabs do you use? I’d LOVE to see or hear about yours.

If you are unable to see the embedded video below,  you can go HERE.


Need YOUR help…

Its not what I like to do….


I try to look for all kinds of ways to avoid asking for help, and have spent my whole life making do…..but in order to GO BIG, I need to make a deposit on something so that I may help you even more.


February 20 to 23, 2015, I am planning a Big Dreams Journaling Retreat  in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where we will start working on YOUR DREAMS and start setting your path. In order to book the hotel, I require a deposit. We (Biff and I) live on a cash basis usually – yes, we have a credit card with a low minimum limit and the only other option would be to put a mortgage on our mortgage-free home (will be doing that later this year for my studio)….

I am hoping that YOU will consider a donation (no amount is too small) to allow me to book the hotel and offer the Big Dreams Journaling Retreat.

Someone mentioned that I should offer registration….I thought of that, but I am still working on the details of the offerings for the retreat and so the price is not yet confirmed.