The Ease of Art Show Day

Such a change from years ago!


Today, is SW Quest Art Show day and the past couple of days, even though my sewing machine decided to stop working, I SWQuestApril24am still feeling the “Ease and Flow” that I have been practising. EFFORTLESS – like my word of the year!  I will be showcasing my work – so samples of everything I LOVE doing. I don’t have to overwhelm the table with stuff!

If you are in the Swift Current, Sask. area tonight, I’d LOVE to see you there.

Today, also, would have been my sister, MaryLou’s 59th birthday…..we would be the same age now until my birthday on June 9th. I feel her presence (her loving spirit) everyday but especially on days like this and when I seem to need the HUG – she is right there. She was always so willing to show her love and I miss the loving poems she used to write.

Day 15 of the #60in60 Birthday Challenge

Day15This morning, I woke up feeling MaryLou’s presence and felt the need to draw flowers. This journal page was another where I had laid the vintage plastic doily onto the journal page to allow to dry.  I used a yellow Derwent Inktense pencil to colour the whole page, then used a wide very wet brush to dissolve the ink and spread it all over the page.

I, then, drew with a pencil a rough sketch of the flowers. I used a green copic marker for the leaves and stems, then a purple gel pen for the flowers. I outlined and added the vines in the flowers with a copic fineliner pen.

I wrote BELIEVE not only as a reminder for myself to BELIEVE that anything is possible, but also to believe in the presence of others.

To BELIEVE in yourself is the most important message I could pass on today.


For me – BELIEVE in the Ease of Art Show Day!

Life IS Precious!

Catching up posting of the last 5 days for #60in60

If you are a regular blog reader, you may have noticed there have been a few  issues here for the past few days. Sorry about that.

OK – on to the #60in60 journal pages.

Day 10 in the #60in60 Birthday ChallengeDay10

After working on Day 9 and the quote about roses/thorns, I was still thinking that “I AM Grateful Roses have Thorns!

If we touch the thorns, we are reminded that they hurt. You will live through it and it causes us to find other ways to reach out to smell those lovely roses. 

For this journal page, I watercoloured the background. I stamped the handwriting font randomly onto the background. Sketched onto an old penpal letter, coloured the rose & leaf before tearing and glueing to the journal page.

Day 11  Day11

For this journal page, I was inspired to remind myself that one of my goals/dreams is to “Travel more & Explore New Places!“.

In my drawer of papers, I found a sheet of collage printed postcards – it was sent to me in a RAK years ago and I just kept putting it to the bottom of the drawer. Its now been all used up. I had some leftover white space at the top and bottom, so I used some washi tape to cover the untouched area.

Is “Travel More” one of your goals or dreams? If so, I’d LOVE to hear where?

Day 12Day12

Every once in awhile, I like to challenge myself to just doodle and see what shows up. Sometimes, I have to turn and turn the paper before seeing something and sometimes, it just pops right out.

This journal page started with a sketch on old book page (a Dick & Jane book actually) and I had to let it sit for a few hours before going back to it, as I wasn’t seeing anything interesting. Once I went back to the sketch, The family of Angels popped out. What a pleasant surprise!

I sketched the outside line of the angel wings, as just center circle was there. I coloured using copic markers. I had a leftover old rub-on with the word “LOVE” sitting on my craft table waiting to be used, so I added it as the only message on this journal page. Day13

Day 13

For this journal page, I felt the need to have another tree in my journal. Trees are Strength & Resilience to me and when I feel that urgency, I listen. The quote that popped out in my Quote Book was ” The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness….John Muir

The message, that I get from that quote, is that I am in that forest wilderness, and I just need to follow the path through….Somedays, that path is zigzagging all over, somedays its a wide open path and still somedays, you need to clear the brush out of the way to find that path.

For this journal page, I coloured an old (1982) penpal letter (which is tissue-like) with a Derwent Inktense pencil, spread the penciled ink around with a large wet brush. Once dry, I drew the tree and wrote the quote with a sharpie marker.

Day 14Day14

Today’s journal page came about when the last rub-on of an old sheet laid in the middle of my usual crafting area – PRECIOUS.  

“Life is PRECIOUS so enjoy every second!” is so true. 

I had laid the leftover spray on a vintage plastic doily, from another art journal spread onto the page.It was already dry.  I coloured the whole background with a Derwent Inktense pencil and used a large wet brush to spread evenly over the page (and to make sure the pencil ink was diluted so it dries permanent). I sponged through sequin waste with a purple pigment ink pad and also gesso. I felt called to draw the flower on the side and then, coloured it with Stampin’ Up markers and made sure to sponge through sequin waste with brown pigment ink for the flower center.

I hope YOU are enjoying every second of everyday!!!

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A heads up!

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Afraid of the Thorns…Day 9 of #60in60

Afraid of the Thorns?

I was inspired during the night to write that note on my bedside journal…
This morning, I had to think what it meant.

If we go through life afraid to touch the thorns or be hurt by the thorns, we stay in the same place in our lives. The place where no growth happens or nothing changes for us. Be OPEN to touching those THORNS or going through that rose patch of thorns.
See the ROSES, not the thorns!

For my Day 9 of #60in60 Birthday Challenge, I went with a black page again, but this time, I coloured the background with good ole wax crayons before adding the acrylic black paint. Once the paint was completely dry, I took a small screwdriver (its used for sewing machine repairs, it was in my accessories kit) and scratched a rose showing the bright colours under the paint.

I found the following quote in my Quote Journal:

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose…Anne Bronte”

Appreciating Everyday with Day 8 of 60in60

There is something Everyday that we can Appreciate!

Back in 1998, I found out really how much there truly IS to appreciate everyday. That’s when the scare of “Cancer” entered my life and continued on to 1999, when we lost my sister to the terrible disease.

LIFE alone is to be APPRECIATED!

Sometimes, when we are searching to find our way or trying to find the positive, we forget that its the little things around us that make the big difference and cause the Universe to give us more of that goodness. If we surround ourselves with people and things we LOVE then there is much to be Appreciating Everyday.

The family you are surrounded with.
The friends who life you up when you need that support.
That computer or laptop you are using, or smart phone.
That chair you sit on for crafting or reading or even eating at the table.
The food on that table.
The roof over your head.
The clothes you wear.
The warmth you feel on a cold day, provided either by a fire or a furnace.
The pen you write with.
The journal you pour your heart & soul into.

So many things…..we just have to be open to them and/or reminded to Appreciate them Everyday.

My creation for Day 8 of the #60in60 Birthday Challenge came to me in the middle of the night when there was darkness, but I saw through a brief opening between the blind on the window and the actual window, that the moon was shining on the neighbours trees.
As you know trees, are a strength for me. So, here is my journal spread for today.