Everyday the sun rises…

Its our choice whether to embrace the gloriousness of the moment or not.

SunriseSomedays there are clouds – somedays clear.

Its all about living in the moment and enjoying each moment as it passes.

Right now, I am content with sneaking 15 – 20 minutes in my studio to play, the rest of the time each week is spent clearing clutter of many years, helping Mom or driving Mom to appts. and sometimes going with Biff to appts. (if he allows it.)

I am using this period of time to think over the next few years and truly dig deep inside and find what I truly want for myself. I am hoping to feel like creating more workshops/programs soon but for now I my mind is trying to keep up with the said appts., etc.

Art Journaling has been my “go to” in the past and again, is where my heart releases everything these days. 

Feeling compelled to make “THANK YOU” cards this week as I have so much to be grateful for this month.


52 You – My Project Life project

Still working on finishing 2014, but started 2015….

52 YOU is my version of Project Life. Its a pocket page scrapbook of our everyday life.

Here is the title page for my 2015 album – I have gone to 12 X 12 size album & pages so its easier to add the Stampin’ Up Project Life cards into.


I will be doing something more to the top left card as you can barely see the gold stickers for “2015”. That card and the 3 in the second row (on the left) are from The Studio 29 Designs - Take 10 December Kit.  I printed off the “Life is so Daily” card from the internet – it was a free printable but I didn’t keep the info where…sorry.

Week 1 of 2015 was short….


And YES, there is bacon on the page. Our family, for 50+ years, have enjoyed Provost Packers bacon and its a treat anymore when someone goes to Provost (Alberta) and brings us bacon. My brother, Wade, treated us for Christmas to some, but he didn’t arrive until January 2.

In our 52 YOU project life album, I record our everyday – we like sports on TV, I like seeing the changing of the seasons, our landscape, and the other stuff happening is a bonus.

Fridays, I will share my album page(s) and maybe some journaling card ideas, etc.

Be Your Own Guide

As a teacher, I could lead you to your creativity but truly I want YOU to be Your Own Guide…

I remember trying to follow my own instincts when it came to drawing, to writing poetry or even sewing….sometimes, I had to follow someone’s wisdom in order to be successful.

SketchbookNov2009but, and this is a big BUT…

sooner than later, I had to learn to Be My Own Guide and do what felt right for me.  I tried this way and that way before finding My Way!

I can give you 50 Ways To Be Creative but after that YOU have to sit down and leave all the distractions behind and find one little thing that you are excited about, then begin.

Make the time to just sit and write or doodle about that exciting new idea:

  • what excites you about that idea
  • what medium will work
  • what colours would look awesome
  • what supplies do you need

as you go along, describing the process maybe ask WHAT IF?:

  • you used colours you have never used before
  • you used shapes you never thought would work
  • you used a medium new to you
  • see how that one little idea that excites you can guide you to more.

Use your journal or sketchbook to Be Your Own Guide.

Make it a habit everyday or one day a week to explore a new little idea that excites  you.

And, remember every new idea can be just savoured in your journal (some need time to percolate), keep all those ideas for when you are ready to experiment with them, all those possibilities are right there for you to explore.

Be Your Own Guide!

A gift that is two-fold….

Tomorrow, my niece, Ginette, is off to Ecuador & then South America for 6 to 8 months.

For Christmas, I made her a kit that she can start using as soon as she arrives.GinettesPostcards

In previous trips abroad, the family didn’t receive regular updates and I can totally understand that trying to find an internet cafe would be taking away from the awesomeness of the trip….so I put on my thinking cap.

I made 32 postcards, addressed to Mom & Dad, included a pen to write a quick note and a little plastic bag for her to have stamps in…..all this in a ziploc of its own which then goes inside quilted wristlet.

The postcards were made from old index pages and I glued calendar images (of Canada, to remind her of home), stamped POSTCARD on the back and decorated the edges of each one differently.

Why I called it a Two-Fold Gift? Because it was for Ginette to remember Canada but also to keep her in touch with Mom & Dad (and the rest of us hearing she sent one). A win win!!!

It was a FUN gift to make and I look forward to hearing when the first one arrives home from Ecuador, and then each week after that…..

New Beginnings

Day 1 of a New Year is the perfect time for New Beginnings!


What has passed is the past and no matter what, you are unable to change it.

Today is a new day, the start of New Beginnings.

We are our worst critics and sometimes, we come upon that brick wall or that roadblock….instead of beating ourselves up and turning in that proverbial towel, let’s take some deep breathes and see where there is a crack in that wall or a detour on that road and BEGIN to take steps toward a New Beginning.

No matter where we are, there is always a path for us. Sometimes we are unable to see it for all the noise or trash around us.

Sometimes it is scary to start on that new path – to take that first step in our New Beginnings. Remember that sometimes baby steps are necessary. Break that first big step into smaller steps, breathe and believe in yourself. Trust that you know the way even though your ego says otherwise.

There will be people who doubt where you are going, believe in yourself (not what others believe).

You may have taken detours before and that is where your ego keeps reminding you….the past is the past. Today is a New Day and the perfect time for New Beginnings.

What is your wish, dream or goal?  Break it down into small baby steps and let’s find that crack in the wall or the detour on that road – its there, if you want it bad enough.  Let me know how I can serve you!