3 Reasons for Starting a Business.

Are the C.E.O. of your own business?

Or are you wanting to be?


I have had several businesses over the years and I also, have worked for several small to large businesses.

BusinessCardsThe more I learnt about business and marketing, the more I felt the need to be my own boss and start my own business.


MY 3 Reasons for Starting a Business are:

  • I have the flexibility to schedule MY OWN hours, so I could work from 10 am to 6 pm if I wanted to. Or I could work 3 hours in the morning and divide the rest of the day into business, studio and family time. I, also, have the opportunity to schedule Self-Care and Creative Date appointments in the middle of the day.
  • I have the opportunity to create systems, workshops and programs that work for ME!
  • I have the JOY of connecting with students, customers and clients around the world who inspire me to create more and do more of what I LOVE – my Passion and Purpose: Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide!

I’d LOVE to hear Your 3 Reasons for starting your business or are thinking of starting your business.

If you would like some help with starting your business or creating systems for your existing business, we could work together on those…..

Love Notes

For when you are needing inspiration.

I used to feel alittle embarrassed when students, customers or clients would give me compliments. I was just doing what I loved doing and it had nothing to do with getting praise.LoveNotes

Then, one day in one of the many trainings I have taken in the past 5 years, it was suggested to keep a “Love Notes” folder in real life (from cards or letters) and on the computer (from emails). In those folders, are compliments, praise, or positive comments that have come your way. You could print off your emails & add to the physical folder if you’d like.

On those days, when you are wondering why you are doing what you are doing or need the inspiration to continue, or plan a new workshop….read those “Love Notes“.

Those “Love Notes” could be part of your marketing – testimonials of sorts.

I’ll share 5 “Love Notes” I’ve gotten over the years that caused me to smile and know that I am on the right path:

  1. Thanks for sharing your e-book. I am having a particularly difficult time at the moment and this has come at the absolute perfect moment in time for me. I hope to start my positive journal tomorrow morning to help me deal with the current challenges life is offering. Barbara
  2. All the best for the year ahead Dale, thanks so much for your support … you won’t ever know how much you have helped me through this year! with love xx Carolyn
  3. Dear Dale Anne:
    So many times you have given me the inspiration and strength to go on; today was one of those mornings!!Thank you for being so positive and teaching us how to gain the foresight to be fighters. We love you. Mary
  4. Dale, I absolutely love the joy and positivity you spread out into our world. There’s so much about you that I truly admire and enjoy. Your creativity, especially your beautiful quilting projects which I adore; your smile and positive words, but also your sharing of what you have learned in your own life and then turning around and finding ways of offering those gifts to us in return. What a blessing!! Suzanne
  5. Your stories and your heart broke me open.  I’ve been having a very challenging time myself–and I can’t thank you for your light and wisdom you shared.  And most of all, you reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve sat down and journaled for myself. Love you Dale.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Connie

I encourage YOU to start your own “Love Notes” folder.

10 Things

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me.

1. I am about to become a Great-Grandmother as I am a step-mother to 2, Mom to 2 GREAT adults and 2 GREAT grandchildren.DaleAnnePotter

2. I am married to Brian (alias Biff) for 38.5 yrs.

3. I was an Office Manager for a District in the 7-Eleven family.

4. I was General Manager of an Inuit Business in the High Arctic – Taluq Designs.

5. I am a 16 yr warrior of Cervical cancer.

6. I was “Diva for a Day” on CBC Saskatchewan TV.

7. I live with one kidney.

IMG_02518. I met, had a photo & talked with the songwriter of my mantra song – Today I’m Going to Try to Change the World: Johnny Reid (told him “to try” should be changed to “AM”).

9. I manifested a 6 day trip to Madrid, Spain.

10. I met & had a photo with Oprah plus had 3rd row front & centre seats for her amazing talk. Oprah&US

2015 Goals

Back in December, I eased up on the thought of having any goals for 2015.

Why you ask?

My husband, Biff (alias Brian) was having more breathing issues than usual and Mom’s hemoglobin issues became more pronounced. The day after I wrote THIS blog post, Mom ended up in the hospital.

So, I have been embracing (EMBRACE is my word for 2015) the act of slowing down to be here for both of them without my own health being impacted.  Clarity

I realize I am no spring chicken anymore and trying to keep up with my business, self-care and them was going to take some getting used to.  I was very lucky that the 2 coaching clients I had were going to be up for renewal in January, and I asked them if we could take some time off – until I see how things can be re-arranged here at home.

This down time from my business, also allowed me to get more clarity on where I want to be at the end of the 2015 and 5 years from now. Those dreams that I have been taking baby steps for needed to have bigger steps taken or else new dreams formed. I have been to more webinars and reading more, which gives me not just more clarity but more ideas as well.

Lots of notes for new workshops/programs are happening, with no confirmation of dates so that I am available for the upcoming medical appointments.  

This blog post is just being clear on where I am at right now and letting you know that I still have plans for my business for 2015, but I have to ease into the plans to get those big goals done.

That Paper Stash of YOURS!

I think the gremlins come during the night and secretly add to that paper stash!

I have ambitions to purchase all the gorgeous NEW Stampin’ Up Designer Series Papers but……

I made a commitment to use up what I have on hand first, or at least use half of it.PaperStash

This past year, I have been making mini albums, using the scrapbook papers for envelopes and on cards.  Also, used a fair amount in the Baby Project Life album I made for our Great-Grand Son (arriving on February 18th) but there still seems to be alot.

In clearing some studio clutter this past week, I have cut quite a few 12 X 12 sheets into 4 X 6 pieces. I can use them for my “52 You” project life album or cut them down even more for cards. 

PaperStash1Some of the papers are thin, some thick, but that doesn’t matter for the uses I have planned for them. Each week, I will do a few more sheets and put them in a shoe box on top of my crafting table – to use first, before touching anything else.

This one on the left,  would make a great page in a Mini Album (glued to cardstock or chipboard) for Mother’s Day or used in a Project Life pocket or the front of a card.


I challenge YOU to pull out your 12 X 12 scrapbooking paper that you have been saving, cut into 4 X 6 pieces and start using in ways you never thought possible.

Let’s get that stash down so we can ENJOY new Designer Series Paper!!!