Destiny is in the hands of those who Create it.

Get your copy of the action-packed sci-fi series by award-winning artist, R.N. Feldman.

On a hidden archipelago, people known as Movers manipulate matter with their minds while strange Folds in space transform the landscape into wondrous and often deadly anomalies. When a young Mover named Michael Edwards discovers that he is descended from a long line of beings who not only Move matter, but can actually Create it, he finds himself at the center of a cosmic struggle for power. Manipulated by friends, family, and an ominous prophecy, he allies himself with a strange host of creatures and characters as he fights to become Mover of his own destiny.

  • “Brilliant! An imaginative and thought-provoking world.” -His mom
  • “Please stop calling this office.” -New York Times
  • “Who?" -A high school friend

˃˃˃ Heartfelt, witty, and tense, The Creator’s Eye series is a thrilling blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and metaphysics. Great for young adults and above.

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  • Binding: Kindle Edition
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Product Type Name: ABIS_EBOOKS
  • Manufacturer: R.N. Feldman
  • Release Date: 2014-11-26
  • Edition: 1