"I've Run Out of Cash To Invest! Now What?"

The local bank has taken you as far as they can. You've used up the cash advances on your credit cards. The equity line on your home is depleted. Or perhaps you had bad credit to begin with.

Does this mean you're dead in the water as a real estate investor?

Maybe you've moved a few deals, but not enough to fund a cash-basis investing business.

Now that you're cash-strapped, what next? How many cash-only deals are slipping through your fingers? How much more income could you generate from your business if cash were readily available at a moment’s notice?


My name is Joe Crump and I've been active as a real estate investor for nearly 30 years.

In my role a mentor and coach to thousands of investors, this is the hue and cry I hear almost on a daily basis. NO CASH!

Sources of cash that used to be available from every corner have dried up, such as easy-to-qualify-for conventional loans and hard money lenders. But if you have the right techniques, private investors will work with you and they need to invest their money.


Perhaps you've never been successful raising private money because:

> it involves asking for money and you've never been good at sales (or begging).
> you don't want to have to turn to family members - some of whom you may have approached before.
> you have to put on lender luncheons and you're a mess at public speaking.
> it’s way too dangerous (too many new changes in laws and rulings that hamper such endeavors).

This book will give you the inside secrets and how-to steps that will silence all these objections.

Wealthy investors are out there waiting for you to bring them deals. The people who are willing to invest are everywhere, but you have to know:

> where to find them
> the type of investor you are looking for
> how to approach them
> how to set up the deal
> what the investor wants to see in a deal
> how to create the proper documents
> how much the money should cost you
> how to distribute the funds
> how to set up a legal entity


Take a look at this list of advantages of operating on a cash basis.

> Your credit doesn't matter - the lender is looking at cash flow and property value rather than your credit rating.
> You can work with creative deals that a traditional investor wouldn't touch.
> When ready cash is available you can move quickly. Many sellers are willing to go a lower price when it means all cash and a quick close. Often as quickly as a couple of weeks.
> Buying and closing with cash means a greater cash flow in your investing business.
> Once you build a trust relationship with a private lender, once they have received a greater return on their investment by partnering with you - they'll be more than happy to work with you again. And again!


How to do it with automation...

Many real estate investors have never learned to automate their business. This means they're so busy with busy-work - doing all the menial tasks to make their business function - they don't have time to even think about another approach, let alone follow it through.

You will learn to:

> Build a huge list of ready, willing, and able investors who trust you and want to give you their money.
> Using online sources, this push-button system uses an automated process that takes care of all your follow up.
> This automated system keeps a steady stream of investors pouring money into your coffers constantly.
> It will allow you to hire a virtual assistant for pennies who can press the buttons for you while you wait for the investors to contact you.

Learn to build a list of investors who will clamor for your deals rather than one or two investors who might say 'no' depending on how they feel that day.

Learn how to build a business that never will put you at the mercy of one or two investors.

Joe Crump has been investing in real estate for nearly 30 yea

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