THE LIGHT is the thrilling end to THE INVASION TRILOGY from the Best Selling Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.   Book 1 THE DARKNESS can be found here.
The Light.

When the world ends, will there be anyone left to bury the dead?

Peace isn't the way we thought it would be. The planet hangs on the brink of collapse with only pockets of resistance remaining. While governments fold and submit in the wake of a new enemy, civilians are rounded up and assimilated into new communities.

With the little that remains, Jacob knows that they must make a stand and let the world know that we will not lay down quietly. Those that are willing to...take up the fight. They see that now is a time for heroes... a last chance to stand up against the invaders.

Praise for The Invasion Trilogy

"The Darkness is like an air raid siren that won't shut off; thrilling and downright horrifying!" Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Best Selling Author of Orbs and The Extinction Cycle.

"Absolutely amazing. This story hooked me from the first page and didn't let up. I read the story in one sitting and now I am desperate for more. ...Mr. Lundy has definitely broken new ground with this tale of humanity, sacrifice and love of family ... In short, read this book." William Allen,Author of Walking in the Rain.

"First book I've pre-ordered before it was published. Well done story of survival with a relentless pace, great action, and characters I cared about! Some scenes are still in my head!" Stephen A. North, Author of Dead Tide and The Drifter.

Books in the series:

The Darkness
The Shadows
The Light

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