Here comes a collection of stories from Norwegian fantasy and science fiction authors, from well established authors to novice writers launching their first work in English.
The stories range from ancient Norwegian woods to deep Interstellar space, and takes the reader on a journey throughout the world of speculative fiction.

The anthology contains the following stories:

    Eden, an Aurora Universe Story by Andreas Christensen
    The Curse of the Elf Prince, an Aradrian Myth by Linn Tesli
    The Fugitives by Thea Marie Sanne
    From his Taste in Wine by Ole Åsli
    Point of Return by Paul S. Land
    Angel in the Snow by Laila Sandvold MacDonald
    2100 by Mats Vederhus
    The Revelation by Alex Tovsen

Enter, and discover a fantastic world of writers you may never have heard of otherwise!