Looking Outside the Box

This blog series is meant to challenge YOU to Look Outside the Box.

Something you may see everyday, but when it comes to your creativity, you will see them as something totally different.

At first, you may not be used to this practise….

This will be a practise you will use and never want for ideas for creating ever again.


This photo is the rafters from a new house being built in 2012 here in Morse.

When you first look at it, you see the straight lines, and the intersecting lines.

I like to print off a photo (enlarged & regular) and start tracing using my light box (or you can use a window).



Once I have traced a couple of different sizes, I start looking at patterns, etc. This one photo, I know, is going to produce numerous pieces of art.

Below are two different fabric postcards, that I made.  I used baby wipes that were coloured from wiping up paint and some were stenciled with the ink left on a stencil. I even stamped some of the backgrounds that I use.  I use Staz-On solvent ink for stamping on fabric.









This last photo is a fabric ATC (Artist Trading Card) which is up for grabs……You need to leave a comment below telling me how you would use the rafters photo. Please leave your real name so I am able to find you if you are the winner.  I will make the drawing on January 10th and post the winner’s name here plus on my Facebook Page.








Added January 7th:

The Winner is:

Christine M…..

It will be mailed out today.

THANK YOU to everyone for reading & to those who commented (entered).


Dale Anne Potter

Dale Anne Potter

Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Coach living in a small town in SW Saskatchewan, Canada who ENJOYS Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide. Dale publishes Creative Ramblings, a regular eZine full of inspiration, support & encouragement., and is the Author of soon to be released: My Creative Road Map, a Path to True Happiness.
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4 responses to “Looking Outside the Box

  1. Christine M.

    It would make a really cool looking quilt, using blues and browns maybe with batiks. Hummm…

  2. This gives me ideas for quilting 2 of my UFO’s and getting my camera and taking more pictures of things I hadn’t thought to take a picture of. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi Dale Anne! I love the idea of using the lines in your photo as abstract art. I think I would try different filters and print it, maybe using multiple images in one piece.
    I think the busy-ness of this time of year has kept folks away from the computer. I know I missed this post until you mentioned it on FB.
    Thanks for the ideas you send into the world. Happy New Year!

  4. That is awesome and way too cool!!! So very inspired.