What do you do when there is no more MoJo?

It happens to us all….

FeatherYou are going along, creating like a mad person and then WHAM – it hits you! That “lost your Mojo” feeling….

What do I do when there is no more MoJo?

I sleep and read and sleep.

I listen to those times and don’t try to force myself to create when those times come. I take it as a sign that my body needs the rest.

Its a pain when your business is all about creating and people are counting on you.  I tried to work through it but it just got me deeper into the obyss. I hate it!

I have made a note of these times and it seems they happen almost annually – in August, so I will have to make a point to schedule in downtime each year. (Adding that to my planBeadsner right now!)

This year, though, it lasted longer than usual – I was starting to worry about it, and when Mercury Retrograde started – October 4th, I even thought of retiring.

Journaling didn’t seem to be bouncing me back as it usually did, so again, that made me start to wonder about things. In looking back over the past couple of months, I seemed to be allowing other things also crash my creativity.

I started scheduling more mediation times and more journaling – even it was just doodling.

Slowly, little things started getting me excited – like that Feather in the photo, its so tiny but was so powerful. Then, a trip to the local thrift store – where a huge bag of assorted beads for $2.50 got me even more excited. Both of those, brought me back from that place I thought was of no more creativity.

I am writing this to let you know, if you find you have lost your Mojo – maybe its time for you to consider: 

  • Some good ole rest.
  • Walks in nature.
  • Sleep.
  • Reading a book you thought you didn’t have time to read.
  • Doodling mindless doodles (you can toss them if you want after).
  • Visiting a local art supplies or craft store, just for window shopping or a local thrift store.

I am EXCITED to have re-found my MoJo and already a whole page of ideas have been written down for future projects, workshops or programs.

I’d LOVE to hear ” What do you do when there is no more MoJo?”

Dale Anne Potter

Dale Anne Potter

Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Coach living in a small town in SW Saskatchewan, Canada who ENJOYS Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide. Dale publishes Creative Ramblings, a regular eZine full of inspiration, support & encouragement., and is the Author of soon to be released: My Creative Road Map, a Path to True Happiness.
Dale Anne Potter

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10 responses to “What do you do when there is no more MoJo?

  1. What a great article. I would add ditch the guilt! I find that when I am lacking in inspiration or energy that the guilt then starts to eat me alive. I am working on allowing my body to take the time and space it needs to be in rest without guilt, it is a work in progress :-)

    • Oh Jody, I hear you! Guilt was one of the hardest things to overcome as we as women seem to always think of other things than our own bodies/minds. When I coach, I remind the clients (& do the same for myself)- to think of being on an airplane flight & the attendants tell us to help ourselves with the oxygen mask first, before helping others. I use this whenever I feel I falling behind or need more inspiration for a project or workshop idea….REST allows those ideas to come freely and easier. Take the time for rest without guilt!!!

  2. Mary,

    Dale gave good answers! I know so many active people older than you, including a New Yorker who taught English in China with me for 3 weeks and then traveled all over China and Japan, a former nurse who is now a super quilter, a retired teacher who helps take care of more than 15 street trees in his neighborhood, and others! There is so much to do; what do you like?

  3. Dale Anne, I’ve just found your site and read your post on lost mojo. I’m a quilter and fight constantly with this…and you were absolutely correct about this Mercury retrograde…not only did my inspiration dry up, but ever project I forced my way through took twice as long due to amateurish mistakes. This was a vicious one especially coupled with the eclipse. But, Mercury has turned direct and while the shadow remains, I forced myself into my quilting studio, away from Pinterest and actually finished something!
    Thanks for your sewing needle chart and I’m going to enjoy walking back through your blog to feed my soul. I like you and I like what I see. Thanks, Dale Anne…sandy

    • THANKS for stopping by & commenting Sandy! If you do go back & the comment area is not there, its over a year old and you can send a comment via the CONTACT form tab at the top of the website. THANKS again.

  4. Dear Dale Anne:
    Thank you for your reply; it’s nice to know that someone really cares. I do love to take photos and have thousands of them in boxes and on my computer; I would love to organize them in some way before it’s too late…any suggestions?
    I also like to do collage art and have some friends that I meet with once a week for lunch and laughs. For some reason, it just doesn’t seem like enough. My husband only like to play golf and fish, so I’m left at home a lot, or have to go place alone sometimes. I would love to find a new passion, something that makes me get up in the morning with a goal or happiness to look forward to every day. Most days, I have trouble getting out of bed.
    Yes, I am also depressed and tried the therapy route, but found she didn’t help me.
    Best wishes to you and your offering,

    • Hi again Mary,
      For the photos, I have my photos boxes sorted as FAMILY, FRIENDS, EXTENDED FAMILY, VACATIONS, EVENTS. I haven’t found a way to sort the photos on our hard drive, I have ordered a portable printer (Canon Selphy 910) and will print off the ones I want to scrapbook or put into my “52 You” project life albums.
      So happy you have your collage art friends to meet with each week. That is GREAT!
      I received your note on my FB page and will be writing you a personal email later today with some ideas and possible inspiration.

  5. I have lost my MoJo…but, found your blog interesting and inspirational. I need support and encouragement even more since I just turned 71. I feel like my life is over. What can you suggest?

    • Mary, your life is not over!
      Tell me – what have you enjoyed doing in the past? Is that something that you feel uninterested in, is there something that is new and you’d like to try but haven’t attempted?
      Do you have a camera to walk around your city and take photos – not the usual photos but challenge yourself to maybe look for different colours each day, or different shapes, etc.
      I’d love to hear more about you….could you use the contact form on my website and send me an email introducing yourself.