Painted Fabric…

OK – remember I was saying that I was leaning towards Sunflowers for the “Flora” challenge on Textile Abstractions…..well I changed my mind.

I was looking through an old Outdoor Canada book I picked up for 50 cents at the local thrift store…..WILDFLOWERS shouted out to me!

With these Textile Abstractions challenges I wanted to challenge myself to try something OUT OF MY regular box!

So, I just went with it…..I used all Jacquard paints – Textile Color,  Dye-Na-Flow, Lumiere, & Neopaque.  I wet the fabric (Its prepared for dyeing fabric) then starting laying down the colours.  DH & I like watching Yarnell School of Fine Art shows on SCN. On Yarnell’s show, he showed how to make grass with the flick of a brush….did that with Lumiere green & gold.

I LIKE… I LOVE IT!!!  DH likes it also.

Now, I will let it totally dry, heat set it and then start quilting it.  Reveal day is August 1st…..

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