That is hilarious just typing the title….LOL!

My good friend, Violette Clark, has challenged people to do a Portrait-A-Day for the next 30 days.  I thought this would be a GREAT opportunity for me to practise faces everyday & maybe fill my Faces Journal.

Yesterday, I already posted my thread painting on my Week 31 card but today I wanted to show one of the quick faces in my Faces Journal.  I am not allowing myself to erase in this journal, to just start drawing.  Some of the faces will make no sense and some will be totally finished.

I am trying to find a comfortable feeling about where I’m starting the face.  Some people start with nose, some with the eyes.

The mouth on this one is off, but I am pleased with the eyes, nose and eyebrows.

We will see how MY faces progress as the month goes on.

Dale Anne Potter

Dale Anne Potter

Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Coach living in a small town in SW Saskatchewan, Canada who ENJOYS Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide. Dale publishes Creative Ramblings, a regular eZine full of inspiration, support & encouragement., and is the Author of soon to be released: My Creative Road Map, a Path to True Happiness.
Dale Anne Potter

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6 responses to “Portrait-A-Day

  1. I’ve been doing faces for a little while now… count me in for a portrait a day! I especially love drawing eyes…they are the windows to the soul after all! Do we post them somewhere or ?
    This is fun:) perhaps after this challenge, one for drawing figures?

  2. Thank you so much for playing and for posting my challenge on your blog! You’re so thoughtful.
    I love how you fearlessly just jump in – you are an inspiration to me! The way i begin drawing portraits is to draw a rough circle for the head – draw a couple of lines where the eyes, nose and mouth are to go and then i begin drawing details. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules though. I love how you are not allowing yourself to erase!

    Love, violette xo

    • You are MOST WELCOME Violette – YOU INSPIRE ME!!!
      I have started with an oval for a head, then found myself more and more starting with the eyes or the nose….we will see as the daily practise progresses what will become my habit….lol
      I wanted to force myself to just play with sketching so I told myself no eraser. This FACES journal is all about practising faces.

  3. How fun….I’m trying this challenge, too. I doubt if I’ll make it all the way to 30 days but I’m going to give it a go.