Having a Positive Attitude

Without even knowing it years ago…..

June 1998 was an eventful month for me  and I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was working at Taluq Designs Ltd. in Taloyoak, Nunavut (wasn’t called Nunavut yet at that time, it was still all NWT ) as General Manager. 

We were working hard to get all the orders done before the ladies of the community went with their families out on the land.  June saw me working overtime doing inventory ordering and getting ready to go south for a couple of months (Edmonton area) and to add some excitement to the mix, there was a fuel spill under my house.  Most houses in the north are on supports because of the perma frost and rock.  I had to move to the local hotel, as it thawed, the fumes were entering the house.

Once down south in Edmonton, I spent many hours  visiting the vendors I needed to order from and make sure all the supplies were sent to Hay River, NWT in time to catch the barge to go north .  This was the cheapest way to ship supplies in – the once a year barge.

I have had a history of kidney problems since I was 17 and while I was rushing around, I realized that my kidneys were trying to tell me something.  I had to make an emergency trip to the University Hospital in Edmonton – while waiting for all the tests, they informed me that my hemoglobin was so low, that they didn’t know how I was even walking.  So, more tests were added..

First, the kidney surgery – actually it was the Ureter that had a cyst on it.  The surgery was scheduled quickly because I did work up north and I was lucky to have the specialist was who also visited Yellowknife, and knew how my schedule was.  I recall even doing conference calls in my hospital room…

Second set of tests showed the big “C” – Cervical Cancer.  A road block, and one that was NOT going to keep me down.  So, from one surgery to another and then consultations about radiation and a possible chemo test.

Why am I telling you all this……..???  I didn’t know until recently that I was a POSITIVE THINKER even back then!

I recall telling the doctors & nurses that I had to be back up north to meet the barge in Sept.  This was just a detour in the road.

The whole time I still worked for the business (all the orders were delivered on time for the barge), all the quotas were met and shipped to Yellowknife.  I had some road blocks from an office that will remain un-named but it totally made me even more determined to get my butt up north and show them!

I was delayed getting up north until November 1st because of having to wait for all the paperwork and drugs to go with the STUDY I was taking part in – one chemo drug and the daily radiation, then the long radiation treatment at the end.

During the  daily cancer clinic visits, the nurses were always commenting how POSITIVE I was.

Looking back, I can see why some relatives and friends were so concerned but the whole time I was not.  I never once thought anything else – I knew I would be back up north and well!!!

I firmly believe, I am a much better person because of all this and it has made me even more aware how POSITIVE thinking works.

Dale Anne Potter

Dale Anne Potter

Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Coach living in a small town in SW Saskatchewan, Canada who ENJOYS Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide. Dale publishes Creative Ramblings, a regular eZine full of inspiration, support & encouragement., and is the Author of soon to be released: My Creative Road Map, a Path to True Happiness.
Dale Anne Potter

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10 responses to “Having a Positive Attitude

  1. People that have a positive attitude and appreciation towards life are such fun to be around. I try to surround myself with those individuals =)

    Great post and thanks for sharing something so personal to you!

  2. It is amazing how our attitude and outlook can not only change our world, but all those around us as well. You are clearly one amazing woman. I guess when we are doing all our positive thinking, we just don’t have time to think about it.

  3. Yay! Another positive thinker on the planet! Interesting that you were always a positive thinker but didn’t perceive yourself as that way. What’s up with THAT??

  4. Being positive is so important to overcoming challenges. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. How wonderful that you can look back and see your positite attitude even in those kind of circumstances! It doesn’t come quite as naturally to me. I have inherited my parents pessimistic outlook on life, but have spent all my adult life working on turning it around. It’s working. And is definitely worth it.

    • THANKS Caring for stopping by & commenting. It has taken many years for me as well, my family was not an optimistic family and I still deal with my Mom. I have seen enormous growth for me over the past few years and I like being in this better feeling place so I try staying here everyday.