*Positively Creative Journaling*

This E-Book is NOW FREE within the 

 Positively Creative Community only.

Soon to be a licensed curriculum for workshops.

Its a “HOW-TO”  to get started on a More Positive Life.

Have you ever wondered why GOOD things happen to others?

Why you feel like your day always starts out wrong?

Would YOU be willing to take some time each day for 7 weeks to journal yourself to a BETTER FEELING place

and find out who YOUR really are?

Today is the first day of the rest of YOUR life, how are YOU going to use it???


Positively Creative Journaling, 49 Lessons to a More Positive Life

by Dale Anne Potter

No ART experience is necessary, you will learn some techniques that are basic Art Journaling techniques during the daily emails, along with prompts that will help YOU journal the POSITIVE into your life. Using a simple PCJ-SupplyList, you will create journal backgrounds that will be the inspiration for your journaling.

This E-Book has 49 Lessons, that will make you stop & think about yourself. Most lessons, have some art journaling background tips, and some quotes. This E-Book is about creating a journal that you can pick up later on and SMILE at the pages you have made. Its all about creating POSITIVITY in your life.

This program as a year long workshop in 2011/2012 – Positive Thinking Everyday and below is a comment received from one of the students, Angelika in Germany:

“Your class is so thoughtful and I enjoyed it so much I will gladly give you a comment and hope you will be able to make good use of it.
This online class has been accompanying (hope that is spelled correctly) me now for nearly a year. I loved the way Dale Anne opened our eyes to the ways we successfully keep ourselves from living our creative life to the fullest. What thrills me most of all is to go back to the beginning and look at all those pages of journaling that I created – most of them really bring a smile to my face. This class is giving you a thoughtful and gentle coaching on how to look at life – joyfully and with respect for your own dreams.”

This E-book has 49 lessons with prompts, journaling background techniques and quotes in 51 pages.

The journal you create, is not about being perfect with your background pages, its about the journaling! Each prompt will guide YOU to journal about YOU!!!

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