*Quilt Project Checklist*

Are YOU overwhelmed with your Quilt Projects?

Quilters have those UFOs and sometimes don’t know where to start…..

This Quilt Project Checklist is 4 pages, (print it double-sided for 2 pages for each Quilt Project).

There is everything you need to keep you on track for each of those projects.


The Checklist has:

A place for the name of your Project, Pattern used, Fabrics Used, Batting Used, Threads Used, Needles Used, etc.

Then, there is the checklist for  the whole Quilt Construction process put into Do-Able steps. Steps that will delete the overwhelm and allow you to see the progress you truly ARE making on each project.

Here is the FREE Quilt Checklist PDF: QuiltProjectChecklist

You may need to download the pdf to your computer first, then open.

The pdf prints as 4 pages,  8.5 X 11  – if you set your printer to print double-sided, each Quilt Project will then have 2 pages.


8 responses to “*Quilt Project Checklist*

  1. Chris Prescott

    just starting quilt so this check list will be very helpful

  2. I really could use the quilt project checklist. Thanks I do have a lot of UFO’s on hand

  3. Yes, I have over 20 quilts in progress and I think this might help. Thanks!

  4. Looking forward to receiving the Quilt Project Checklist. I think this may help me complete some of my projects; or at least keep them organized.

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