America may be one of the most powerful and wealthy countries in the world, but our intense work ethic and stressful lifestyles take an enormous toll on our quality of life. William Sinunu realized after a close brush with death that his own exhausting, career-driven existence was preventing him from truly living, and he needed to find a way to regain the health, happiness, and balance he had known growing up abroad and had witnessed during his career as a flight attendant. In Life Could Be Sweeter, Sinunu invites us along on his fascinating journey, offering a unique glimpse into different practices and beliefs from around the world that suggest a more rewarding lifestyle may be easier to achieve than we think. These 101 beautifully written vignettes, by turns funny and poignant, explore every area of our lives, and encourage us to slow down and find a better life balance by drawing inspiration and practical advice from our neighbors around the world.