FUBAR 2.0 is an entertaining and funny journey, visiting the military’s absurd side, in addition to some sad and shocking events. FUBAR moments can shape a person’s life; understanding these events will help understand the soldier, sailor, marine, and airman.

The book chronicles two years of FUBAR events that snake through induction, basic & infantry training, nuclear warhead security, deployment to Germany and to Vietnam.

A Must Read to Understand the Military Experience

All military men and women experience FUBAR moments. See if you recognize affects of FUBAR moments in yourself, a loved one, or friend.

Entertaining & Revealing
  • A visit to the military's absurd side.

  • A funny, yet serious look at FUBAR moments.

  • FUBAR impact on life and character.

  • Must read for active duty, veterans & families.

  • Chronicles of an everyday soldier.

Why 2.0?

World War II and Korea would have been FUBAR 1.0; the first wide spread use of the catchy term. The Vietnam era was 2.0. Iraq and Afghanistan would produce FUBAR 3.0 – A veteran of those conflicts needs to write that book.

Let us have some fun with 2.0; experience some groans and maybe learn something we can apply to real life in addition to expanding our understanding of the military, service men and women, and veterans.

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