A memoir by the family of murder victim Ron Goldman.
His Name Is Ron is not about O. J. Simpson or his “Dream Team,” or another rehash of the “Trial of the Century.” It is about Ron Goldman—and a quiet, close-knit family that overnight became enmeshed in one of the ugliest and most controversial crimes in recent history.
The Goldmans provide a wrenching account, in their own words, of the ripple effect that occurs when a beloved family member is murdered, and the extra burdens that develop when grief becomes a public spectacle. But, more important, the family puts a name, a face, a soul, to the young man referred to in the press only as “a friend of . . .” or “a part-time waiter and sometime model.”
In this memoir, the Goldmans share memories of happier times and recount, moment by moment, learning of Ron’s untimely death and the nightmare that followed. They share their reactions throughout the criminal trial up to and including the heart-stopping verdict. And they reveal the details of the civil trial that were never before allowed to be made public, due to the gag order imposed on all participants. Finally, they reveal their determination to bring much-needed reforms to the criminal justice system and to give voices to other victims of violent crimes, in this heartbreaking and infuriating true story.

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